Catanauan Cove

"Comfort yourselves with the elegance of nature and the privacy of the Catanauan Cove."



All members shall enjoy the following rights and privileges:

"Unlimited free nights" with utility fees; Earns between 25% to 70% of adopted room / villa rate depending on type of membership; 20% discount on all paying facilities except food and beverages; Can bring at most 10 friends free of day-tour entrance fees thrice a year; Membership extensions of up to 5 except regular members / non-lot buyers; Right to convert or upgrade membership status; Lock the price of the preferred lot upon payment of the first monthly amortization; And after conversion, rent out his residential house to the resort's guests at 70-30% sharing the latter for management.

Free nights cannot be availed of during PEAK SEASON and SPECIAL EVENTS.

Obligations of a Member
  • Payment of monthly dues as approved by the board.
  • Strict compliance with house rules
  • Advance bookings during peak season and special events
  • Lot buyers are encourage to construct their houses within the period prescribed. Lot buyers may also construct their houses upon payment of 50% of the lot price.
  • Payment of applicable government taxes and administrative fees.

Advantages of a Member

All members commonly enjoy the following advantages:

  • 100% guarantee to recover the investment , even just through monthly free accommodation;
  • Opportunity to earn more than just to recover the investment;
  • Right to upgrade or convert membership status without deduction / reduction of amount originally paid as membership fee(s), subject to available slots and payment of lot   balance price or upgraded fees;
  • Right to become a permanent business partner of the resort, by renting or leasing out the houses or villas to the resort's customers at 70-30 % sharing, the latter for   management; and
  • Right to become one of the limited community-members who will be accommodated and allowed to reside within, even and after the resort, shall have become a WORLD   CLASS, 5-STAR BEACH RESORT AND HOTEL.
  • The above rights and advantages are subject to available slots. While priorities shall be given the existing registered members, particularly with respect to lots purchase,   and other investment opportunities, non-members will be accommodated on a "first-come-first-reserve" basis.