Catanauan Cove

"Home by the beach... never been better."

Investment Opportunities



Anyone may join the company's vision by investing under the following options:       


 LOTS, HOUSE AND LOT PACKAGES & CONDO UNITS PURCHASE: Lot, House and Lot and condo unit buyers may rent out their houses / units to the resort's guests at average nightly rental of P15,000 per night. They also enjoy the rights and privileges of a regular member.   


 DEVELOPMENT OF THE RESIDENTIAL AREA: The Catanauan Cove welcomes any investor who may join in the land development of the residential resort at P30 Million or US$675,000 investment requirement with realistic earnings as follows (we will accommodate up to 2 investors at P15M each):

The investor is “guaranteed” to earn 20% of his investment receivable after the 5thyear or earlier.

Over and above, the investor who sells “house and lot” packages to fellow foreigners or friends or countrymen, additionally earns 5% of the gross selling price;

If the investor is a retiree who wants to immediately move to Catanauan Cove, he can stay at one of the beach front units at the main resort “free of rent” until his residential house is completed;

The investor may opt to start receiving his guaranteed earning with monthly cash advance of up to P100,000 per month; and

The investor rmay convert his investment and earnings into equivalent number of lots and sell the same at higher prices later, hence, getting that opportunity to earn four times: a) from the 20% guaranteed earnings; b) from the expected appreciated value of the lots to which his investment and earnings are converted; c) 5% discount for all the equivalent lots to which the investment is converted; and d) 5% “for life” of the nightly rentals of at least 15 houses on the lots partially developed through his investment.


CONSTRUCTION OF MIDRISE CONDOTELS at Phases 1 & 2: The Catanauan Cove’s master development plan includes the construction and selling of 3 “mid-rise” condotels of 30 units each at a cost of around P64 Million or US$1.4 Million per condotel with features as follows:

The investor gets 60% of gross sales of all the units plus 5% “for life” from the nightly rentals of all the units when rented out to the guests;

The Catanauan Cove will accommodate up to 3 investors per condotel:

If there is only one investor, he gets a free 2-bedroom condo unit at the top most floor for “free”; and

If the investor is a retiree who wants to immediately move to Catanauan Cove, he can stay at one of the beachfront units at the main resort “free of rent” until the condotel covered by his investment is constructed. He will also get cash advances of  Php 49, 500.00 / US$1,100.00 to Php 100,000.00 / US$ 2,200.00 per month depending on the amount of his investment, deductable against his earnings.



BUILD AND SELL OF RESIDENTIAL HOUSES: The build and sell concept is intended for those who may want to join in the  construction portion of the business, with details as follows:

The investor will fund the construction costs of the units within the residential resort.  The investor is free to choose which area and what units he prefers to construct;

After such construction, he may sell the units or houses and villas together with the value or price of the lots to his buyers at prices allowed by the company;

After selling, the Catanauan Cove will first be paid the selling price of the land or lots, and the investor will get his actual construction costs, with the excess, equally divided between the Catanauan Cove and the investor;

The investor must construct at least 5 houses or villas to qualify; and

We will only allow up to 15 investors for this option.


CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF THE RESIDENTIAL RESORT’S CLUBHOUSE:This requires an investment of P25 Million US$562,000, to build and operate the residential resort’s  clubhouse with a pool. The investor is allowed to operate businesses and reside therein.  The lot area intended for this is 1,831 sqm.     


 GOLF COURSE, SEA PLANE AND MARINA FACILITIES: Among the other projects of the “Catanauan Cove”, where investors are most welcomed, is the acquisition of adjacent lands  for the construction and setting up of a golf course.  The management initially eyes to complete soonest, the first 9 holes and extend the same to an 18-hole golf course as development proceeds.    

 The “Catanauan Cove”, will similarly invite investors to develop the entire 10 km Catanauan shoreline, put up a Marina facilities and welcomes small plane operators to quickly transport the guests direct from  Manila. The Catanauan Cove eyes to build 10 midrise hotels along  the 10 km Catanauan Cove / shoreline.   


The management eyes that these facilities be available in time for the completion of the freeway or SLEX extension to Lucena / Catanauan  Cove, which will cut travel time from Manila to just 2.5 hours.   


EARNING MEMBERSHIP: Anyone may become an earning member of the Catanauan Cove’s main resort as follows:

 As a lot buyer who may not be ready to construct their houses, by purchasing a lot or lots in outright cash worth at least P1. 25 Million or US$ 28,000 to 3 Million  or US$67,000 and earns for 5 years or earlier 12.5% of the nightly rentals of the unit(s) to which he has qualified whenever said units are occupied. Earning right is extinguisged once the member shall have constructed his house(s).

 Non lot buyers must invest the same amount "in cash" and earn for 15 to 20 years, unless they convert their membership fees into lots or as part of a "house and lot package" purchase, subject to available slots.   

 For earning purposes, unit assignments depend on the lot price or amount invested as follows: One Duplex Room - P1.25M; Two Duplex Rooms - P2.5M; Hilltop Units - P1.5M; Beachfronts, Honeymoon Suites and 2-bedroom Villas - P2M; 3-bedroom Villas - P2.5M; and 2-floor Villas - P3M.        


 OPERATE BUSINESSES WITHIN: Only members may operate businesses within the main resort with no rent for 5 years provided that no business is alike with another.