Catanauan Cove

"Home by the beach... never been better."

Catcove Residences

Phase 1 

Php 12,000.00/ sqm: Regular Lots 

Php 13,000.00/ sqm: Lots surrounding the clubhouse with swimming pool 

Php 15,000.00/ sqm: Beachfront Lots

House Construction cost at Php 35, 000.00/sqm

Note that lot prices are subject to change without prior notice. 

Catcove Residences will,from time to time, post the new prices and the remaining lots available thru this website. 
It is, however, advisable that you get in touch with our Manila and site sales Offices for the latest updates and prices.

Those paying in full their chosen lots will earn for 3 years, 12.5% of the gross adopted nightly rentals of any of the villas / cottages at the 
 main resort provided that the lot(s) purchased is worth between P1.25 Million to P2.5 Million. 
There are limited slots for this option which will be offered on a "first come-first serve" basis. For earning purposes, villa assignments at the 
main resort are as follows:

Lot Price of P1.25 Million will be assigned to Hilltop Villas or 1 Beachfront Duplex room
Lot Price of P2 Million will be assigned to Beach Front , Honeymoon Suite and 2-bedroom villas
Lot Price of P2.5 Million will be assigned to 3-bedroom Villas or 2-storey villas