Catanauan Cove

"Comfort yourselves with the elegance of nature and the privacy of the Catanauan Cove."


Legal Basis
The "Catanauan Cove" will accommodate limited members, the qualifications, grounds for termination, as well as the rights and privileges of whom, shall in accordance with the corporate by-laws, beapproved by the Board.

The Board shall exercise this power following the limitations provided for by law, specifically, R.A. No. 8779 otherwise known as the SecuritiesRegulation Code (SRC).

As such members, they have the right to use the facilities for free or withdiscounts and or be awarded with rebates / profits share and such other privileges which the Board is empowered to grant.

As a warning to the public, this membership privilege is not a public offer to all but to be awarded only to selected applicants who will pass the qualifications set for the purpose and in strict compliance with the applicable law as above mentioned. .