Catanauan Cove

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Catcove Residences

About Catcove Residences
Within the 12 hectare properties, the Catanauan Cove is presently developing an upscale and contemporary residential resort called "Catcove Residences". It has two 2 Phases with Phase 1 selling 137 lots of various themes which are: "HILL TOP RESIDENCES"; "MAHOGANY RESIDENCES"; "MANGROVE RESIDENCES"; "BEACHFRONT RESIDENCES"; and "RESIDENCES BY THE POOL". Phase 2 offers another 167 lots with elegant house or villa designs. There will also be three hi-rise condotels at the residential area . Investors are welcome to participate.

The residential area will have its own club-house, a pool, parks, commercial area, basket ball and tennis courts, cafe / snack bars, medical clinic, fire-truck, and many others. Villas must follow uniform designs, depending on the location of lots. A golf course is similarly included In the master "development plan".

Members are given priority either in Phase 1 or 2 and they can do this by converting their membership fees as down payment for the lots. Non-members may purchase lots subject to available slots and on "first-come-first serve" basis. Lot buyers automatically become members enjoying various privileges. All lots are payable in 5 to 7 years at "no down-no interest". Those immediately paying their lots in full may qualify for a 3-year earning right from the nightly rentals of any villa at the "main resort".

The vision is to establish an integrated resort's facilities, complete in its own right. It similarly aims to establish an elegant and private community for a "privileged few", whose "passion and love for nature is a way of life".

It is truly luxurious living made affordable. .

An epitome of luxury, made affordable.