Catanauan Cove

"Comfort yourselves with the elegance of nature and the privacy of the Catanauan Cove."


Membership Schemes
REGULAR MEMBERSHIP: Membership fee of P350,000 payable in two years, with rights as follows:
  • Enjoys "free accommodation" each visit paying only the entrance fee for at least 4 persons per night
  • Free day-tour for at most 10 guests thrice a year
  • 20% discount for paying facilities except food and beverages
  • Convertible as part of the purchase price of the lot subject to available slots and prevailing prices

LOT BUYERS ARE AUTOMATIC MEMBERS: Lot buyers "automatically" become members right on the first monthly amortization for the lot chosen. All lots are payable in 5 to 7 years at "no down-no interest". As such members, they enjoy "unlimited free nights" with utility fees and all other privileges common to all members. The company is initially selling 304 lots. More lots will be sold as development proceeds. Those paying in cashwill be given a 3-year earning right from the nightly rentals of any villa(s) at the main resort as discussed below. Construction of houses is allowed upon 50% payment following uniform designs depending on lot(s) location.

EFFECT OF PAYING LOTS IN CASH / EARNING MEMBERSHIP: A buyer should purchase a lot (s) worth P1.25 Million to be an earning buyer at the main resort's Hilltop cottages/1 Duplex room; P2 Million for Beachfronts, Honeymoon Suites and 2-Bedroom Villas; P2.5 Million for 3-bedroom villas and 2-storey Villas, and earns for 3 years, 12.5% of gross adopted nightly rentals of any of the villa(s) assigned for the purpose An earning buyer or member enjoys "unlimited free nights" with minimal utility and such other privileges common to all members. After the 3-year period, lot(s) title(s) shall correspondingly be issued.

INVESTORS AS MEMBERS: All other investors enjoy the rights and privileges of a regular member, other than the earning rights peculiar to them.