“An Elegant , Classic and Homey Hotel with Spacious Rooms and a Million-Dollar Seaview”

The Dumaguete Seafront Hotel was originally Al Mar Hotel in 1929, Residencia Al Mar Hotel in 1961, renovated as such in 2016 and modernized as the now, DUMAGUETE SEAFRONT HOTEL in 2023.
✓Just 2 kms away from the airport;
✓Just 5-minute walk to the passenger-ship terminal to Siquijor, Bohol and Cebu.

Dumaguete Seafront Hotel is located in the heart of Dumaguete City, along Rizal Boulevard facing the magnificent ocean views.

Even though the structure had been renovated and modernized, the original Spanish architecture was kept, preserving its elegant, old-world feel. This historic hotel is close to nearby landmarks, local attractions, and sights such as the following:
✓The 1901 Siliman University, Apo and Siquijor islands, Oslob Cebu, Valencia, Bohol and many others.

This was once a Spanish-style old mansion that has been transformed into a luxury hotel.


Siquijor Seafront Resort & Residences, is a 25-hectare properties facing Bohol Sea situated in the beautiful town of Maria, Province of Siquijor. The 5-hectare main resort stands right at the beach with pool, clubhouse, bar, restaurant and on which more villas will be constructed in addition to the existing ten.

SSF embraces the advocacy to protect mother nature which it intends to inculcate among its staffs, guests, members and investors. It shall promote, preserve and maintain the elegance of nature and the comfort of privacy within the properties.

✓Siquijor is a popular tourists destination which is just 45 minutes sea travel from Dumaguete, 30 minutes from Bohol, 30 minutes from Apo Island, 2 hours from Tagbilaran and 20 minutes from Oslob Cebu.

With our environmental advocacy, SSF is envisioned to become a private and gated classy tropical beach resort with residential component with lot cuts of 1,000 sqm each.

This opportunes its guests and future residents to enjoy nature as well as do limited farming within their properties. The SSF will accommodate just 80 lot buyers who automatically become members of the main resort with privileges. They may also become “earning members” with passive income until they are ready to construct their respective houses. These 80 residential lots are placed on the highest portion of the properties with sea view for the most part.

To preserve its natural beauty, about 30% of the properties is dedicated for open spaces, particularly the hilly side, the cave and river within, as well as the forested area, all of which may be enjoyed by guests and residents for their daily outdoor activities other than the beach. The remainder will be developed as follows: 10% as main resort with just 20 bungalow villas, a bar, a clubhouse and infinity pool facing the sea; 5% for 5 low-rise condotels likewise facing the sea; 5% as greeny commercial area; 10% as recreation area, park, and commercial complex; with the remaining 40% intended for the said 80 residential lots.

The SSF is “truly a jewel of vision for a privileged few, whose passion and love for nature and the beach is a way of life”.

Comfort your selves with the elegance of nature and the privacy of the SSF.


The LEGAZPI SEAFRONT HOTEL (LSF) is another project of the JEJ Group – Catcove Realty which will soon stand along Legazpi Blvd facing Puro Beach with unobstructed view of the globally famous Mayon Volcano. Legazpi is situated in Bicol province near the newly opened Bicol International Airport and a mere 10-minute walk to the international cruise port / terminal.

The 8-floor boutique hotel will have an infinity pool, a bar and restaurant along side the pool, a classy lobby all facing the beach and just 36 suite rooms with sea or volcano view or both. This project will accommodate just 6 investors or hotel co-owners. Co-own a floor with “free” unit and passive income from 6 units in a floor