Catanauan Cove

"Comfort yourselves with the elegance of nature and the privacy of the Catanauan Cove."   


Miguel Coder

(40 years as a hotelier and former COO of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) :
This elegant resort in a rustic and tropical setting is truly amazing. Gifted with the elegance of nature and the comfort of privacy, the place is a perfect hub for people who wants to relax from the hassles of city living. Having an upscale vision, the management is certainly heading towards the right direction. I sincerely believe that the place will become one of the most favorite tourists' destinations in the Philippines. The place has great potentials, and I can almost predict that sooner than expected, it will emerge as one of the best nature and beach resorts in the locality. I am proud to have volunteered my services to become one of their consultants.

Luigi Fedele

(President & CEO, 5 Elements Resorts and Spas and seasoned hotelier) :
The place is wonderfully gifted with natural beauty. The full grown trees around, its hilly terrain and its long stretch of white sand beach front make the place truly unique and very inviting. The bungalow villas are spaciously distanced and properly positioned to provide privacy. The management and staff are wonderful and very friendly. Its certainly worth visiting to explore nature in a "barefoot elegance". The perfect place to nurture your 5 senses. . .

Carl Balita

(Public Figure and Radyo Negosyo DZMM Teleradyo host, the "Entre-Pinoy Guru" and Hall of Famer Awardee) :
This place called Catanauan Cove is truly one of my favorites, that whenever I am there, I would never want to go home. Its natural beauty is unparalleled, and the privacy truly comforting. I would never stop visiting such a wonderful place like the Catanauan Cove. .